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Who we serve

As a small business ourselves, we understand the special circumstances and challenges you face. Services we offer include:

  • Business Strategy and Execution (analysis, competition, action plans)
  • Marketing Services (copywriting, press, segmentation & strategy)
  • Web Presence Consulting (marketing, SEO, and social media)
  • Business software and mobile apps
  • Website development and hosting
  • Software as a Service (SAAS)

Asskicking Technical Services was originally founded to serve non-profits. We understand your unique position and needs.

  • Special pricing for most services
  • Low cost donation engines
  • Personalized technical consulting
  • Service plans tailored to your specific needs
  • Affiliate and incentive programs
  • Specialized Operations and Outreach support

Take advantage of our unique government and Fortune 500 experience - we provide services specially tailored to enterprises and engineering organizations:

  • FAR contract and liaison support
  • System and development engineering support
  • Cradle to grave development and product support
  • Project management (or support for projects > $5m)
  • Technical writing and white paper development/editing
  • Hardware/software integration (embedded to enterprise)

Why our clients choose to work with us

More people working in an office

Over 20 Years of Technical Experience

We've worked in government and industry for decades.  If we can't solve your problem, we'll guide you to someone who can.

More people working in an office

Core Values That Really Matter

We're committed to delivering honest and accessible pricing, products that really work, and an incredible quality of service.

More people working in an office

Big Picture Thinking

Oftentimes, you need more than just a web person, or a marketing person, or a business person. Our broad experience allows us to take a more holistic approach.

The Process


Define Your Need

 We're prepared to discuss your need at any stage of the process - if you only know that you want to increase sales, we'll start there.  If you need something more specific like a new website or help executing a marketing plan, even better.


Get in Touch

The (arguably) most important step of the process!  We can't help until we've discussed your needs, your goals, your Big Idea.


Set an Objective

We'll work with you to define measurable goals and end criteria.  We'll provide you with estimates, reports, and plans for what we believe is the best solution based on your situation and tolerance for cost/risk.


Define and Execute Your Strategy

We'll help you develop a strategy and goals based on your needs and objectives. If you'd like us to support you during execution, we'll do that too.

What are you waiting for?

We know you can't wait to take advantage of our Asskicking services.  We're prepared to talk about how we can add real value to your business or organization.

Give us a call at 1-800-918-7292.

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