Your time is valuable, so I won't dawdle -
My One Goal
is to make you more money.
My Plan
is to draw from two decades of experience with people, products, and processes to help you with:

1:Honest, accessible pricing,

2:An incredible quality of service, and

3:Products that your clients will think were made by wizards. (and maybe they were)

I've set up Asskicking Technical Services as a company you can rely on for software solutions, "amplified" marketing, and business strategy. Is there a segment of your organization that needs a little extra love? Or is your goal this year to increase your web prescence? Or are you looking for a way to become better, faster, and more profitable? What a coincidence! That's our specialty. Let's talk.

Asskicking Core Values

We're here to do business, so let's skip the sales pitch and work with the facts. I take every request seriously - if my asskicking services aren't the best fit for your problem, we'll work together to find a better solution. As a demonstration of our commitment to honesty and ethical business practices, I've chosen to pay to maintain BBB accreditation for ATS.
"Asskicking" isn't just a cute name, it's how I operate. Just about every client I have worked with has inquired about business partnerships in one form or another - because I bake top tier quality into everything I do. Simply put, ATS gives you an edge over your competition.
Personalized Service
I'm at my best when I can work closely with your business and find areas where ATS will have the greatest impact. I understand the desire to grow. It's the siren song that's drawn me away from a successful career and into the world of professional services. As you grow, the ATS service suite will grow with you.

An Asskicking Motto

The business consulting world is rough. Freelancers are a dime a dozen. Many will gladly take your money in exchange for doing exactly what you ask them to. Asskicking Technical Services doesn't work like this.

Your organization has complex needs. What you need isn't just a web person, or a business person, or a marketing person. What you need is a provider with the background and desire to understand the specific complexities and intricacies of your business.

My company looks over every request in detail. We won't perform any work for you unless we believe that the money you're spending will provide you with real, tangible results.

Our long-term clients tell us that they prefer working with us over other consultants because we get the job done, are straightforward in our communication, and we know when to say "no."

But "no" isn't the end of the story. ATS is solution-driven - if we're not comfortable with your potential risk or return, we'll work with you to find what we believe is the best way to make your great idea happen. Even if that means recommending you work with someone else!

That is why we proudly declare that Asskicking Technical Services is:

Effort: Intelligently Applied.

If you're eager to add some intelligently applied effort to your life, don't wait! You can reach us anytime, rain or shine.